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About Us

Drilling in a broad range are offered by Diversified Drilling Inc. (DDI) as a sub-contractor for engineering and environmental consulting companies.

About Diversified Drilling Inc.

  • Who We Are?

Diversified Drilling Inc. (DDI) has built the company upon over 20 years of experience of its personnel. During this time, we have been supporting many construction and environmental projects. We provide expert drilling services as a sub-contractor to address our clients’ needs.

  • Where We Serve

We are based in Orange County. However, we serve our customers in Los Angeles, Riverside, San Bernardino and San Diego Counties.

  • Our Services

Our main services encompasses : Direct Push Drilling , Hollow Stem Auger Drilling , Limited Access Drilling

Meanwhile, our services include site visits, documentation and liaison with engineers, builders and government authorities.

In addition, we provide Soil and Groundwater Sampling, Soil Gas Sampling , Methane gas test probe installation and many other supplementary services.

At DDI, we also serve our customers in

  • rental quality assured environmental equipments

such as HDVPE, Soil Vapor Extraction (SVE), Pilot testing, Water tank and …

DDI’s personnel are professional and well trained technicians who try to be as a team with their clients to provide the best qualified end results. Above all, we always try to protect the safety of our community and environment.

  • Our Team

Today more than ever, clients demand quick, reliable, and cost-effective results throughout their projects. The breath of DDI’s technical experience and comprehensive knowledge in drilling methods has enabled the firm to provide cost effective services. We combine our expertise with innovative drilling tools to maximize the efficiency in any environment. We provide our services to private, industrial, and commercial clients in a wide range of areas.


What We Offer

Limited Access Drilling

Limited Access Drilling equipments are essential to operate in many geotechnical…

Auger Drilling

Auger drilling systems are commonly used to set ground water monitoring wells…

Direct push Drilling

Direct push Drilling (DP) typically uses to drive or push small diameter (Usually …
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